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Saanaru provides audio transcription and translation services. It makes any content understandable and structures it for language learning.

Language lesson on Saanaru

Why it takes ages at a language school

Schools' approach

  • Focus on perfect grammar
  • Exams oriented
  • Synthetic example sentences
  • No immersion until upper intermediate level

Natural way

  • Focus on understanding, not perfection
  • Personal goals oriented
  • Learn from a spoken language
  • Enjoy the content of your interest

A secret polyglots know

80% of language learning is content consumption, not grammar drills.

Podcasts player with benefits

Get a podcast or ask a friend to record you a message. That's your source of a target language. Drop it to Saanaru. We make it understandable and build a lesson around it.

Podcast player with a lesson's content at Saanaru
  • Speech-to-text transcription for any audio recording you found;
  • Interlinear translation to quickly understand the context;
  • Highlight new phrases to collect your vocabulary;
  • Timestamp navigation to jump to the interesting part;
  • Downloadable PDF to annotate with a pen.




no card required

  • speech-to-text
  • interlinear translation
  • audio player
  • vocabulary collection
  • PDF downloads



  • all features you trialed
  • up to 4h of speech-to-text *



save 40€

  • all from the monthly plan
  • 2 months for free

* features consume quota measured in tokens. Subscription provides you with 336,000 tokens to spend monthly.


Saanaru has enabled me to easily listen, read, and enjoy content in the language I'm studying. Studying a language that doesn't have a lot of materials for learners who live outside of the country, makes it a challenge to find subtitles and transcripts. Other speech to text transcription services aren't customized to learners: they are expensive and don't generate translations; they focus on creating the perfect transcription. With Saanaru, I've been able to fill in the gaps, focus on understanding, and let go of perfection.

— Cassandra, learning Finnish

I first began using Saanaru for a podcast I was using that didn't provide transcripts. Saanaru did a great job with the translation. It was a real life saver. I have continued to use Saaranu for translating the advanced series of Assimil books and recordings as Assimil only provides many of those books with a French translation. Saaranu again did an excellent job with the translation. I would recommend Saanaru to any language learner.

— Ian, learning Italian

Saanaru has been a brilliant help in learning Portuguese. I've noticed a real leap forward in my listening comprehension over the last few months of using it. It's well-designed, easy to use, and affordable.

— Tom, learning Portuguese

I’m so thankful for Saanaru! It is my go-to utility for transcribing audio and creating interlinear translations for Vietnamese. Saanaru is really well designed and easy to use!

— Ben, learning Vietnamese

Saanaru is an easy-to-use tool that makes foreign language audio more comprehensible when there are no subtitles or transcripts available. I use it frequently not only to study Modern Greek but also to better understand Greek instructional recordings about Byzantine chant. I appreciate that Anton is always open to constructive feedback and continues to improve Saanaru's functionality.

— Diana, learning Greek

When I found Saanaru I was SHOCKED! I couldn't believe how incredible this site was, and it's so easy to use.

I was using a lot of transcripts written in Spanish and needed them translated to English with ease. Saanaru is perfect for that. All you do is click the "Add text" box, paste the text into the box, then click Save. That's it!

Not only do you get a transcription but it's interlinear. That means the native language is located directly beneath the target language.

I give customer service 5 stars. Anytime I had a question, I'd receive a response to my email within two days -- usually sooner.

— Jaime, learning Spanish

I enjoy using the Audio to text feature on Saanaru due to the fact that a lot of my native audio I have and use for my language learning doesn't have a transcript, so its nice that I can upload the mp3 file into Saanaru and have it convert it into Vietnamese text with the english translation on the bottom so I can follow a long with the audio.

— Chris, learning Vietnamese

Saanaru.com has been an invaluable tool for improving my Spanish comprehension and vocabulary. As someone trying to become fluent in Spanish, I often struggle to understand native audio content. With Saanara's audio translation feature, I can upload Spanish audio tracks and get an English translation with the original Spanish text above each phrase. This interlinear format makes it easy for me to read along and pick up new vocabulary.

The text translation tool is equally useful. I frequently copy Spanish text from articles and books into Saanara to get a quick English translation. Seeing the languages in phrases one after another helps me learn new words and phrases in context. In addition, because of it’s low cost token based payment system, Saanaru is an affordable Spanish learning asset.

I would definitely recommend Saanaru to other language learners looking for language learning tools that will advance their journey to fluency.

— Mickey, learning Spanish

Saanaru is invaluable in helping me to enjoy listening to podcasts made by native Spanish speakers and intended for native Spanish speakers. With this type of input there are times when the rapidity of the conversation and the colloquial expressions are challenging. Using a Saanaru transcript to listen and read at the same time, I gradually train my ear and improve my vocabulary.

— Mike, learning Spanish

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