Audio transcript

You pay for the number of hours you want to transcribe. Buying more hours in advance gives you a discount.

Processing the content deducts seconds of content length from the purchased hours.

1 hour

a week of 8min lessons

8 €/h

4 hours

a month of 8min lessons

7 €/h

8 hours

a month of 15min lessons

6 €/h

15 hours

two month of 15min lessons

5 €/h

Saanaru extracts text content from uploaded audios and delivers it with interlinear translation.

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Interlinear translation

Text translation usage is calculated in packets of characters. Bigger packages have an up to 20% discount.

100,000 characters are the equivalent of 2.5 hours of audio content spoken in a European language at a pace of 100 words a minute.

100,000 characters

ideal for beginners

5 €

300,000 characters

a month of 15min lessons

13 € (-10%)

500,000 characters

for large amounts of text

20 € (-20%)

Saanaru creates interlinear translation for 100+ languages. It can also extract it from scanned pages or photographs.

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